DevOps Automation

Increase development cycles, speed up product changes and improve customer experience

The DevOps philosophy allows you to unlock the full potential of the cloud.  By taking an automated approach you’ll increase agility and innovation whilst reducing the administration overhead that comes with manual engineering.

With our AWS DevOps service we’ll become an extension to your existing team, using a range of tools to automate your AWS hosting infrastructure.  From simple one-off scripts to longer engagements our DevOps experts will handle all of your AWS automation requirements.  This approach frees your developers to focus on rapid code deployment and continuous delivery.

Key Services

Infrastructure Automation

We’ll focus on ensuring your AWS infrastructure is fully automated.  Utilising tools such as Cloudformation, Service Catalogue and Lambda your developers will be able to spin up systems in minutes.

Configuration Management

Once your system is built we’ll ensure it’s configuration remains consistent by using management tools such as opsworks & chef

Deployment Automation

We’ll provide you with an automated method of deploying code to your systems, using tools such as Opsworks, Elastic Beanstalk and Codedeploy, providing your developers the means to reduce deployment cycles and increase agility

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