Spitfire Digital

Cloud Backup

Services Used:
Architecture, Build, Security

Company Bio

Spitfire Digital is a leading design and development agency based in London that specialise in developing digital applications for high profile clients.

The Problem

Spitfire-Digital ran a non-cloud Linux hosting platform for many of their clients but this system came with no in-built backup solution. Instead backups were being run in an ad-hoc fashion, stored on the companies office server.  To overcome this problem Spitfire approached Hydras with the brief to develop them a reliable, cloud-based automated solution where storage and manual intervention would not be an issue.

The Solution

Based on these requirements Hydras designed and built a cloud backup solution (based on an open source linux tool) that could backup the content of the various hosting servers directly to AWS.  The solution provided pre-backup checks, custom scheduling, incremental backups and automated alerting and monitoring so that Spitfire were fully aware when backups ran or failed.  Additionally the backups were highly durable and Spitfire never needed to worry about storage.  To ensure costs did not continue to grow the backups were scheduled to be overwritten after a set period of time

The Benefits

The resulting solution is that Spitfire have a much more reliable backup infrastructure.  They no longer need to worry about storage, the potential loss of data or silent backup failures.  Additionally they achieve this at very small cost.