Matchpoint Careers

Web Application Migration, Test and Development Build, Continuous deployment configuration

Services Used:
Consultancy, Architecture, Build, Security, Migration

Company Bio

Matchpoint Careers (MPC) leverages psychometric science to address the challenges of hiring and career guidance. They have delivered the first fully-automated, online use of proven science to dramatically increase the likelihood of employers hiring top performers and individuals finding their best-fit career.

The Problem

When MPC approached Hydras the requirement was to design and build a scaleable, redundant and secure platform to run their psychometric testing application that had outgrown its current single-server system.  MPC were aiming for rapid global growth and expansion and needed an enterprise class platform consisting of development, test and production environments to support this.

The Solution

Armed with this brief Hydras worked with the MPC CTO & development teams to discuss the architectural options within Amazon Web Services (AWS) of fulfilling this requirement before building a development and test platform for initial assessment and familiarity.  In addition a deployment workflow was created allowing the development teams to automatically push their code via a source repository directly to the stack and a configuration management service was employed to ensure platform consistency.  Security was built into the design to ensure that the system was adequately protected from possible intrusion.   Finally a highly available, auto-scaled & monitored production platform was created and the applications migrated from their current infrastructure to AWS with no downtime.

The Benefits

The result is that MPC now have a complete dev-test-prod workflow within the AWS cloud allowing them to utilise continuous deployment to test new code whilst allowing growth via automatic elasticity and redundancy.  Additionally this platform has been secured to reduce the potential of attacks and reduce the risk to availability.